Is Your AC on the Fritz?

Call Hidden Meadows Heating & Air offers air conditioning repairs in Escondido, CA

Don’t suffer through another SoCal day without AC. Call Hidden Meadows Heating & Air today and enjoy cooler indoor air tomorrow. We’ll locate the source of the problem, then offer our professional recommendation for fixing it. Most repair work takes just an hour to complete, and new customers benefit from 15% off labor costs.

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We specialize in HVAC repairs

Some HVAC contractors try to pressure clients into purchasing new units, even when it’s not necessary. Our motto is “repair rather than replace.” Your unit probably doesn’t need to be replaced if:

  • It’s under 15 years old: Newer units rarely need to be completely replaced.
  • The problem is minor: Like any machine, HVAC units require regular, minor repair work.
  • A new unit isn’t in the budget: Repair costs add up over time, but your current budget may make replacement impractical.

Sometimes a full replacement is the best choice, depending on the cost of repairs. Call our office in Escondido, CA for an HVAC repair estimate.