Are you waking up cold in the middle of the night?

Call Hidden Meadows Heating & Air to repair your furnace in Escondido, CA

There are a number of different warning signs that tell you there could be an issue with your furnace, but most of the time you wont know something is wrong until your Escondido, CA home is freezing cold!

Stress not, Hidden Meadows Heating & Air will asess the damage and provide the furnace repair needed to get things feeling warm and cozy again. 

If after inspection it is determined that you may need a new furnace, Hidden Meadows Heating & Air can also install a new one. 

furnace repair escondido ca

  • Worn belts, bearings, and heat exchangers that eventually cause air flow issues
  • Neglected filters that accumulate dust and particles restrciting proper air flow
  • Broken or ineffective thermostats
  • The age of your furnace

It may be difficult to assess what the issue is at first glance to determine whether you need a minor furnace repair or complete furnace replacement. In either case, Hidden Meadows Heating & Air can provide the skill and expertise to replace your underporforming furnace or install a new furnace in your Escondido, CA home.