Is Your Utility Bill Running Wild in Escondido, CA?

An HVAC service technician from Hidden Meadows Heating & Air, can tame it!

Hidden Meadows Heating & Air has been providing HVAC installation and repair services to Escondido, CA and the surrounding area for the last 10 years. If your energy bills are rising steadily, call on us to inspect your HVAC unit for possible problems. We'll let you know what's wrong and explain your repair options. Most repair work takes just an hour to complete. If you aren't sure whether you want to repair your current unit or replace it with a new one, call Hidden Meadows Heating & Air. We'll never pressure you into buying anything, but we can help you make an informed decision.

If you're a first-time caller, you could get 15% off repair labor costs.


Is the Temperature in Your Home too Hot or too Cold?

Learn more about furnace repair & installation when you call Hidden Meadows Heating & Air

There is nothing worse than a cold home in the middle of Fall or Winter. Proper furnace repair is essential to proper air flow and the overall comfort level of your Escondido, CA home. Don't ignore the furnace repair warning signs that could end up being detrimental to your entire heating system and lead to even costlier repairs. 

It may be difficult to assess what the issue is at first glance to determine whether you need a minor furnace repair or complete furnace replacement. In either case, Hidden Meadows Heating & Air can provide the skill and expertise to replace your underporforming furnace or install a new furnace in your Escondido, CA home. 


When to call an HVAC contractor

How do you know when something's wrong with your HVAC unit? Signs of a problem include:

  • A sudden jump in your utility bill: If something has gone wrong, higher energy bills could be a warning sign.
  • Poor performance: If your unit has stopped heating or cooling the way it used to, it might need repairs.
  • Unusual noises: Loud humming, clanging and other sounds could indicate that a part needs to be replaced.

    If you've noticed any of the above, it's time to contact an Heating & Air Conditioning contractor. Call our Escondido, CA office today to schedule a diagnostic checkup.

We don't replace when we can repair

Some HVAC contractors are known for tricking homeowners into replace their heating and air conditioning units unnecessarily. At Hidden Meadows Heating & Air, we never pressure our clients into replacing a serviceable unit. We prefer to save you money by making repairs whenever possible.