Joe from HM Heating & Air was fantastic! We had a new furnace and air conditioner installed. He did exactly what he promised on time. He was prompt, polite, and followed up the next week to make sure everything was working properly. Since then I've referred his services, with confidence, to friends and Joe did a great job. Thanks Joe.

Mike Rousseau/The Broker Network 760-390-9820

Hello - We just wanted to thank Joe Veling and his assistant Diego for their superb work installing our new Midea heat/cool mini split in one of our bedrooms. It is extremely quiet, efficient, and uses much less power than the big whole-house heat & A/C unit. Their workmanship was professional, knowledgeable, and they got the job done in one day! We have used Joe's company, Hidden Meadows Heating and Air before, installing a cool-only mini split in the other bedroom a few years ago, and it still works flawlessly. We would highly recommend Hidden Meadows Heating and Air to anyone who uses only part of their house primarily, and would like to save money on power costs as well.

Greg & Mary Skibo 619-889-2337

Joe installed a new air conditioner & furnace for me . He gave me quotes for several different makes and units, and the bill was exactly as quoted. He was on time and finished the job quickly and efficiently. He stopped by later without being called to see if I was satisfied. Great guy, Excellent job.

Allen D. 760-751-2162

Dear Mr. Veling, my family and I want to thank you again for installing our new air conditioning and heating System. We chose Hidden Meadows Heating & Air after checking out three other companies. After you Personally explained the correct size system we needed, the complete procedure from start to finish, Answered all of our questions, and described the different brands you offer along with cost estimates, We knew your company would be the best choice.

All of the work from removing the old system through installation and operation of the new system was outstanding, and we highly recommend Hidden Meadows Heating & Air.

Paul & Nelda De Vroeg-Escondido, CA. 760-749-8597

Joe installed a new heat pump at my rental property. Reliable, understanding, good work, honest, timely, Replaced heat pump in Hidden Meadows.
I would recommend Joe for the job.

Loren D. 760-724-6554

May 13, 2015

I called one of the large companies whose ads are seen all the time on local TV. I actually wanted him to "try" fix it, but to my dismay he said that "...he didn't have any repair equipment on the truck. I received an estimate of $6,000 to $9,000 for a new comparable unit.

I then happened to see on the freeway a service truck from Hidden Meadows Heating and Air. Their slogan was "Repair Rather Than Replace". Hidden Meadows Heating and Air showed up, went straight into diagnosis mode, and within an hour suggested stop leak and gave me an accurate repair estimate. How refreshing! They explained the probabilities of success, some of the risks of failure for an attempted repair, and then let me decide the best course.

My recommendation is to call Hidden Meadows Heating and Air FIRST,DO NOT let a repair "salesman" near your unit until you have first had Hidden Meadows Heating & Air take an honest look at it. It is nice to know that competent repair technicians and honest businesses still exist.

Mike Johnson-Carlsbad, CA 760-931-1174

Installed a Mini Split Ductless System If you live up in the Meadows, you know that it can get really hot. Last summer was absolutely brutal. The sun bakes the front bedroom, which we use as our TV room, to where you feel the heat through the walls. We have a whole house A/C unit, but it sucks a lot of power, and the second it turns off the room bakes again. We called Joe, and he installed a cool-only minisplit for a fraction of what I thought he would charge. It's the kind of unit that you see in a lot of Asian countries, and now newer motels. It uses little power - converts AC to 3-phase DC and has a variable speed compressor to optimize cooling and energy use. It cools a roasting room down NOW. Joe's work is impeccable and he got the job done in one day. I would recommend him for any sort of HVAC work. Plus he's a nice easygoing non-pushy kind of guy.

Greg Skibo 619-889-2337

Mike Johnson-Carlsbad, CA 760-931-1174

Joe, with Hidden Meadows Heating & Air, replaced our furnace and installed air conditioning
in our home. It was a quality installation that was done on time and with caring follow up.

Dave Koss 760-580-8279

I called several large air conditioning / heating companies and they gave me estimates $3000 - $4000 for a whole house fan. One company said it couldn't be done. Joe Veling came out and gave me an estimate for half the cost of the other companies. I needed a whole house fan to cool my house in the Summer. Living down in the valley of Lake Rancho Viejo, my home can get up to 85 degrees inside when it is closed up all day. At night we can't move the hot air out and get the cold air in because any breeze are blocked by other houses. when I turn on the fan it sucks in all the cool night air and blows out the hot air in 15 minutes. My house will stay cool all night without using AC. Its amazing. Joe was quick and clean with his work. After this experience I called Joe to put in an AC unit in my rental house and again I had great results.
Thanks Joe

Robert Curnow - Fallbrook, CA 714-981-5764