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Reviews 1

Some reviews that have been submitted:

Mike Johnson-Carlsbad, CA
I called one of the large companies whose ads are seen all the time on local TV. I actually wanted him to
"try" fix it, but to my dismay he said that "...he didn't have any repair equipment on the truck. I received an
estimate of $6,000 to $9,000 for a new comparable unit.

I then happened to see on the freeway a service truck from Hidden Meadows Heating and Air. Their slogan
was "Repair Rather Than Replace".  Hidden Meadows Heating and Air showed up, went straight into
diagnosis mode, and within an hour suggested stop leak and gave me an accurate repair estimate. How
refreshing! They explained the probabilities of success, some of the risks of failure for an attempted repair,
and then let me decide the best course.

My recommendation is to call Hidden Meadows Heating and Air FIRST,DO NOT let a repair "salesman" near
your unit until you have first had Hidden Meadows Heating & Air take an honest look at it. It is nice to know
that competent repair technicians and honest businesses still exist.  

Robert Curnow - Fallbrook, CA
I called several large air conditioning / heating companies and they gave me estimates $3000 - $4000 for a
whole house fan. One company said it couldn't be done. Joe Veling came out and gave me an estimate for
half the cost of the other companies. I needed a whole house fan to cool my house in the Summer.  Living
down in the valley of Lake Rancho Viejo, my home can get up to 85 degrees inside when it is closed up all
day.  At night we can't move the hot air out and get the cold air in because any breeze are blocked by other
houses. when I turn on the fan it sucks in all the cool night air and blows out the hot air in 15 minutes.  My
house will stay cool all night without using AC.  Its amazing.  Joe was quick and clean with his work.  After
this experience I called Joe to put in an AC unit in my rental house and again I had great results.  
Thanks Joe